Automated Incident Management (AIM)

AIM detects, tracks and helps you manage remote incidents, assets and resources wherever they are located. 

Ideal for road authorities, emergency services, and incident response. 


Key Benefits:

  • AIM provides clear visibility over incidents as they occur in real-time with live video, GPS tracking and incident recording. 


  • Detects, tracks and helps you manage remote incidents, assets and resources wherever they are located, with clear visibility as they occur.


  • Captures the information in real-time, stores the data on a secure cloud platform and reports on incidents where required.​


The technology is used to process more than 3000 incidents per month at VicRoads, where it provides real-time incident visibility, GPS tracking of vehicles, automation of incident workflow processes, and a system of record for all incidents being attended to by Incident Management personnel.


Incident Response Team Leader at VicRoads, Steven Bevens explains:

"EYEfi has directly enabled VicRoads to improve our productivity, efficiency, and compliance, along with added security via the cameras, of our officers at incident sites. The solution enables Vic Roads to improve traffic management across Victoria, provide a better service to road users while keeping our people safe".



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