Our customers, partners & suppliers

EYEfi's products are solving real-world problems for our customers, in ways not previously possible 


Telstra Corporation Limited is an EYEfi Channel Partner (Reseller) selling EYEfi's products to provide asset management, emergency management and incident response capabilities to government and emergency services organisations.


VicRoads uses EYEfi's technology to help manage thousands of incidents per month on Victoria's road network, utilizing live HD video and GPS tracking from incident management vehicles.


Melbourne Water is using EYEfi's SPARC technology to provide remote monitoring and geo-targeting of bushfires, plumes, lightning starts and ignitions within Melbourne's water catchments. 

Visual spectrum and thermal cameras are monitored remotely using EYEfi's cloud technology. 

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Fujitsu is an EYEfi Channel Partner (Reseller) focusing on the selling our IIoT sensor and cloud technology to its government and industry customers, particularly those in the asset and infrastructure management sectors.  


Automated Incident Management

"EYEfi's technology uniquely delivers live video and GPS tracking from our fleet of Incident Management Vehicles, along with automated incident management tools to assist Vic Roads in managing thousands of incidents each month across Victoria's road network". 
Steve Bevens, Team Leader, Incident Management Team - Vic Roads